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4 06, 2013

What Makes the RoughRider a Different Kind of Wheelchair? (Part I)

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Whirlwind Wheelchair puts users in the center of the design process.  As such, the RoughRider has evolved out of the most common user needs we found.  This is the first installment in a series that highlights some of the design features that make the RoughRider a dynamic chair. So what makes the RoughRider a different

13 02, 2013

I Haven’t Tipped Once in the 10 Years

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Whirlwind’s co-founder, Ralf Hotchkiss was interviewed in December by San Francisco’s KGO radio.  Check out the clip and find out why he hasn’t tipped forward out of his RoughRider’s® in ten years.

22 01, 2013

Whirlwind’s Handcycle Tricycle Development and Testing

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Many types of hand-powered tricycles are used by people with disabilities around the world, from lightweight sports handcycles for racing and recreation to rolling stores to cargo trikes loaded with merchandise. Whirlwind is applying our experience with wheelchair propulsion, ergonomics, and manufacturing to the development of a cargo handcycle that can be efficiently produced at

28 05, 2011

Mission Local – October 2011

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Ralf Hotchkiss experiences the travails of a wheelchair rider on San Francisco public transit. Read The Story Here.

28 10, 2011

Diverse – October 2011

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Ralf Hotchkiss teaches a wheelchair design and fabrication class at San Francisco State University and enlists the help of students in continually improving wheelchair designs for the developing world.  Read The Story Here.

9 02, 2011

Simplified Strength Testing of Manual Wheelchairs

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Many small manufacturers of wheelchairs throughout the world's developing countries do not have the resources and technical background to test their products for safety and durability. This paper suggests some essential tests which they can easily perform. The tests are based on fifteen years of experience with the Whirlwind type wheelchairs (which are manufactured and

26 05, 2010

Haiti Project with The Walkabout Foundation

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18 02, 2010

Whirlwind Wheelchair on PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer reported by Spencer Michels

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15 05, 2015

PBS NewsHour With Jim Lehrer

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi770ZEvhAM PBS NewsHour covers Whirlwind Wheelchair International's efforts to send low-cost durable wheelchairs to Haiti for amputees after the January 2010 earthquake Ralf Hotchkiss, is speaking the former headquarters at SFSU.

15 05, 2009

ABC7 Morning News Whirlwind Wheelchair

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Wheels of Change done by ABC7 local San Francisco with Kristen Sze. This piece does a great job giving an overview on Whirlwind and our project to get RoughRider wheelchairs to people in Iraq in the Spring of 2009 in partnership with Brad Blauser and Wheelchairsforiraquikids.com.