At Whirlwind, we've learned to do a lot with a little!

Whirlwind may be a different kind of nonprofit than you are familiar with. We are a social enterprise, which means that we apply best business principles to keep our internal costs low while making the greatest impact with the resources we have.

It is upsetting to see an adult crawling on the ground or a child confined to live in a bed or secluded at home. Unfortunately, this is the daily reality for millions of people who need wheelchairs. Through your donation to Whirlwind, you are a part of helping wheelchair riders to achieve all that they can in life. We are committed to developing the best-value, rugged wheelchairs in the world—value for the riders so they can go where they need to go, and value for our donors so that every dollar you invest is truly well spent. Your donation to Whirlwind is more than a charitable act. It is an investment in the inclusion and maximum achievement of wheelchair riders. Our chairs last for years and are field-repairable with readily available parts, making your donation an enduring one.

General Fund Donations

Charities, governments, and foundations purchase our wheelchairs for distribution in developing countries at prices slightly over the cost of production. Making a truly excellent wheelchair requires substantial investments in research and development and quality control. General Fund donations, which can be applied to an array of manufacturing, R&D, and operating costs, are especially welcome because they provide the flexible funding we need to respond to unexpected needs and opportunities. However, we will scrupulously honor all legal restrictions on donated funds.

Whirlwind Wheelchair International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
Federal Tax ID #: 47-4404029

Donate Online by Credit/Debit Card

We use PayPal to process our credit card donations. You will be taken to an external website to complete the transaction. No account is necessary, all major credit cards are accepted. Click the Donate button below to get started!

Donations By Check

If you prefer to send a check, make it out to Whirlwind Wheelchair, and mail it to:

P.O. Box 2956
Berkeley, CA 94702

For proper acknowledgment of your gift, please be sure to include your printed name and mailing address. Thank you!