Haiti Project with The Walkabout Foundation

Transcription for this video:  Haiti Project with The Walkabout Foundation

After the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010, many Haitians suffered severe injuries, while much of much of the country’s infrastructure laid destroyed. Whirlwind recognized that there was a urgent need for the RoughRider wheelchair, which is specifically designed for rough terrain.

We offer our special thanks to the Walkabout Foundation and the other donors who made this project possible. Without you, we couldn’t have helped as many people as we did.

Walkabout Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides wheelchairs and rehabilitation in the developing world and funds research to find a cure for paralysis.

While the cure is being found, Walkabout Foundation seeks to provide humanitarian assistance to people with disabilities on the ground today by donating wheelchairs to people who can otherwise not afford one.

Walkabout Foundation donates the “RoughRider” wheelchair which is exclusively designed for the rough and rugged terrain of the developing world.

In collaboration with our local partners, they are establishing a number of centres around the world to provide rehabilitation to children with mobility disabilities. These ‘Walkabout Centres’ provide daily physical and occupational therapy, care and education, with the aim of eventually integrating these children into mainstream or special education.