Whirlwind Now Accepting Applications to Establish Wheelchair Provision Assembly Centers Worldwide

December 6, 2012


Whirlwind is one step closer to its mission of making it possible for every person in the world who needs a high quality wheelchair to obtain one. Non-profits, government agencies, and religious groups who have typically donated wheelchairs to organizations to distribute will become the organizations’ (WPAC) customers purchasing wheelchairs for distribution. Wheelchair Provision and Assembly Centers will be trained in the World Health Organization wheelchair provision guidelines in order to ensure that wheelchair riders are properly fitted. In its early days, Whirlwind worked extensively on the local level, but in the past few years we have focused the majority of our efforts on developing high quality mass production.  WPACs give Whirlwind staff the opportunity to work once again on the local level, and the WPACs will enable Whirlwind to resume working closely with local disability communities in promoting full access and participation in society.

Applications for the second round of WPACs are now available.  If you are interested or know someone who would be interested please complete the first stage of the application process by December 31, 2012.