Join Whirlwind Wheelchair in GivingTuesday

November 27, 2012

“Thank you to the donors. This wheelchair is much better than others.” – Endang

Endang, a wife and mother of a four and half year old son and four month old daughter, was born with what is believed to be Spina Bifida, though never officially diagnosed.  A singer by trade, Endang, was a member of a local group before going solo a year ago.  With the arrival of her daughter, she is taking a break from singing but looks forward to bringing her to different shows when she is old enough. Endang acquired a RoughRider in June and it has facilitated her ability to cook, clean, manage her home and take care of her children.

Whirlwind Wheelchair is joining the Giving Tuesday (Nov. 27th) inaugural efforts.  This holiday season, for each group of 20 people who give $10 each, a wheelchair user in Indonesia or Haiti will be able to more easily navigate his or her city or village, contribute to the family household and more fully participate in society.  Please contribute today by selecting to donate to the Giving Tuesday Program as you checkout.

World Homeless Day