Candidate for mayor travels in his wheelchair in search of change in Paraguay

February 9, 2022


One of the candidates for mayor of this district, despite his physical disability that prevents him from walking. He goes out in wheelchairs to visit the neighborhoods and companies to present his proposal and convince his fellow citizens to opt for change to achieve local development.

This is Elvio Isidro Portillo Rojas, who launched his candidacy for mayor for the Tebicuarymiense Renovation Movement (MRT). The candidate for mayor, who as a child suffered from infantile paralysis that left him in wheelchairs, said physical difficulty did not prevent him from going to school, to college and he persevered until completing the career of Bachelor of Accounting Sciences at the Catholic University of Ciudad del East. He now wants to put himself at the service of his community, Portillo Rojas said.

He is an independent candidate of the MTR and proposes to the citizens to govern with transparency and citizen participation. He assured that he will give priority to education, health, public works, assistance to producers, support to sports clubs.

Portillo Rojas said that his candidacy arose through the conviction that his friends gave him, who are young professionals from different political parties in the municipality. That same group, he suggested creating an independent political movement, which can bring together the largest number of residents, to work exclusively for the district of Tebicuarymí.

He added that he wants to be mayor to serve and not to serve himself. “This small town has long been abandoned. The current administrators of the Municipality do not dedicate enough time to their community and almost all social assistance is politicized” he said. He said that the neighboring roads of the companies are totally neglected. The producers need technical assistance to work, the health post needs to accompany them with supplies and medicines. He specifically intends to build a laboratory and biochemicals can be obtained from the local Health Center. He does his political campaign by moving around the neighborhoods in his wheelchair. In the local companies he arrives by car or someone offers to him and they go around. The candidate visits house by house where he distributes the brochures that indicate his government proposals and the instructions on how to vote and the people receive him and listen to his proposals. The candidate for mayor is the father of nine children, he completed his primary studies at School No. 277 Santa Rosa. He then studied at the Carlos Antonio López National School, until the 5th year. He finished his secondary studies at the Dr. José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia Regional Education Center in Ciudad del Este. Later he studied at the Catholic University of Ciudad del Este. He was an official at Itaipu Binational, where he got a job at the Communication Center. After fulfilling the required seniority and fully fulfilling his assigned duties at the Itaipu Electricity Binational, he retired and is now proposing to be the next mayor of this district.

Encouraged by the young people, the candidate for mayor Elvio Isidro Portillo Rojas, goes out to tour the neighborhoods and companies in a wheelchair 

In the sports field, he was president of the Tebicuarymí Sport Cañero Club on more than one occasion and in 2019 he was the champion president of the Tebicuarymiense Soccer League. In 1999, it enabled the Cañaveral FM Community Radio, which at the time was the only means of communication in the area, the waves of communication from the capital’s radio stations barely reached it, in 2010 it stopped working due to the economic crisis that also affected him. His participation in the political sphere is done out of a vocation to serve the community that saw him born and to whom he wants to repay with an honest and transparent administration, Portillo Rojas stressed.

Originally reported by Editorial AZETA S.A