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Jezebel – October 2011

“Charity Gives People In Haiti These Awesome All-Terrain Wheelchairs”  Bill Clinton and other fabulous guests attended the premier of The Way by Emilio Estevez with Martin Sheen.  This eventwas also a benefit for The Walkabout Foundation.  Read The Story Here.

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Children’s Chairs in Haiti

The need for children’s wheelchairs in Haiti is great.  Our contacts on the ground tell us that even with all the aid pouring in there’s very little for kids with disabilities. Vladimir, who meets Ralf, Whirlwind’s founder, in this video about our Haiti project in the summer of 2010, lost his mother and sustained a…

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Haiti Project with The Walkabout Foundation

Transcription for this video:  Haiti Project with The Walkabout Foundation After the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010, many Haitians suffered severe injuries, while much of much of the country’s infrastructure laid destroyed. Whirlwind recognized that there was a urgent need for the RoughRider wheelchair, which is specifically designed for rough terrain. We offer our special…

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