27 11, 2012

Join Whirlwind Wheelchair in GivingTuesday

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“Thank you to the donors. This wheelchair is much better than others.” - Endang Endang, a wife and mother of a four and half year old son and four month old daughter, was born with what is believed to be Spina Bifida, though never officially diagnosed.  A singer by trade, Endang, was a member of

21 11, 2012

Whirlwind Wheelchair Joins GivingTuesday Efforts

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“My RoughRider is very special to me.” - Sudardo Before this June, Sudardo, a 48-year old spinal cord injury survivor from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, was limited to his village and a few surrounding villages due to his difficulty in traveling.  In June, he received his RoughRider® and now collects 15 bags a week and

19 04, 2012

Donate to Help Veterans

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You can now make a donation and designate it for our VA Program. Whirlwind will make RoughRiders available to disabled veterans to test and provide valuable feedback through Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals around the country.   Donate Here Your donation of $800 will cover the cost of one RoughRider® for a veteran and a second