Wheelchair Assembly For Organizations

How to Assemble Your
Whirlwind Wheelchair

Depending on the donor's requirements, chairs may come fully assembled in the shipping box or the chairs may require a few minutes of assembly using basic tools. Toolkits for assembly are available and can be shipped along with the wheelchairs from the factory. Simple assembly instructions on paper and video are also provided with each order.

Shipping chairs with the wheels off allows more chairs to be packed into the shipping container so that more individuals can be served. Other than the attachment of the rear wheels, the following adjustments are required for each chair:

• Setback height
• Setback depth
• Footrest position
• Rear wheel axle position
• Brake position.

The RoughRider:® has several features, including tension adjustable backrest and adjustable footrests, which allow skilled therapists to achieve custom positioning for riders.


RoughRider Printable Assembly Instructions

RoughRider Assembly Instructions 2018   
Please note: RoughRider Manuals may take a few minutes to download.