WPAC Wheelchair Provision Assembly Center

Why WPACs?
Wheelchair Provision Assembly Centers

Supply | User and Provider Training | Repair
Follow-Up Services | Disability Community Development

Wheelchair users need chairs that fit

and work well where they live!

A local organization operating with a sustainable business mindset creates not only a local supply of good chairs but a place for good provision, user and provider training, repair and, follow-up services, and disability community development.  Because a WPAC is rooted in the local community and is a sustainable social business, it is set to provide a world-class level of support to wheelchair riders.

See how a WPAC works!
(Please note: The USAID funding mentioned in this video is no longer available)

Looking to start a WPAC?

  • Does your organization have a proven record of service to people with disabilities?
  • Is committed to excellent wheelchair provision?
  • Is capable of running a sustainable business?

If you answered "yes" to these three questions then you might be interested in establishing a Wheelchair Provision and Assembly Center (WPAC). Some WPAC applicants will qualify for USAID assistance to off-set the start-up costs including the purchase of the first container of RoughRider wheelchair parts, training in WHO wheelchair service standards, and consulting services in the provision and business management. WPAC partner organizations are responsible for assuming remaining costs of the business including salaries, benefits, and rent. Please note that the USAID funding mentioned in the video is no longer available.

You can start by Downloading a WPAC Materials Packet or by filling out the Application Form below!

WPAC Selection Criteria

A qualified WPAC business or organization will have:

  • A business plan that shows an ability to achieve success in wheelchair provision, marketing, management, and technical processes
  • A vision and strategy to build a sustainable network of partner organizations which are trained to meet World Health Organization Guidelines On Wheelchair Provision (Please see Sections 3 & 4 in particular)
  • An initial demand of at least 800 wheelchairs per year and have the marketing capacity to increase demand in the future
  • A capability to import wheelchair parts and have a track record of managing projects with earned income from sales
  • A track record of managing projects with earned income from sales of products
  • And experience using quality control methods is preferred.

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