Candidate for mayor travels in his wheelchair in search of change in Paraguay

February 9, 2022

One of the candidates for mayor of this district, despite his physical disability that prevents him from walking. He goes out in wheelchairs to visit the neighborhoods and companies to present his proposal and convince his fellow citizens to opt for change to achieve local development. This is Elvio Isidro Portillo Rojas, who launched his…

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PBS Frontline World – June 2009

May 28, 2015

PBS Frontline World covered Whirlwind in June 2009 in a piece called “Wheels of Change.” The story focuses on Whirlwind’s RoughRider wheelchair manufactured in Vietnam.

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Boy Scout gives back to others with help from his RoughRider

October 29, 2013

The main goal here at Whirlwind is to help people go where they want.  In Will Krajewski’s case this meant going with his Boy Scout troop to the  Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree, an event that only happens every four years.  Watch this incredible documentary below showing Will at the Jamboree motivating his troop…

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His RoughRider Allows Ironside To Go Anywhere

September 12, 2013

Whirlwind Wheelchair’s RoughRider® will be used by actor Blair Underwood, Golden Globe Award nominee, in the pilot episode of NBC’s remake of IRONSIDE. The reboot is highly anticipated given the original’s success. The drama series is about a recently disabled homicide cop, Robert Ironside.  The show, now available to pre-screen on, is scheduled to…

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Whirlwind Wheelchairs Brings More Joy To Camp Joy

August 21, 2013

Baylee, a camper of the youth with Spina Bifida Camp Joy program, with Paige’s Princess Foundation Fundraisers, who made the RoughRiders possible.Camp Joy is now more accessible to a variety of campers thanks to the addition of the Whirlwind RoughRider wheelchair.  Camp Joy, located in Clarksville, Ohio, is an independent, non-profit organization that specializes in…

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Sri at TEDx Ubud

July 1, 2013

Back this spring we let you know Sri Lestari was going to travel from Jakarta to Ubud on her modified motorbike for made it to TEDx Ubud.  Sri just shared with us the video of her time at TEDx.

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Findings and Recommendations from Whilrwind’s Assistive Technology Research on the Navajo Reservation

February 26, 2013

Kim D. Reisinger, Ph.D, director of Whirlwind’s Assistive Technology Research (ATR) Division,  recently concluded a major survey research project on the awareness of, access to, and acquisition of low-cost, high-quality Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services on the Navajo Nation.  The research was funded by a grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation…

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I Haven’t Tipped Once in the 10 Years

February 13, 2013

  Whirlwind’s co-founder, Ralf Hotchkiss was interviewed in December by San Francisco’s KGO radio. Check out the audio clip and find out why he hasn’t tipped forward out of his RoughRider’s® in ten years! Transcription for this video: I Haven’t Tipped Once in the 10 Years

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Whirlwind Wheelchair Joins GivingTuesday Efforts

November 21, 2012
“My RoughRider is very special to me.” - Sudardo

Before this June, Sudardo, a 48-year old spinal cord injury survivor from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, was limited to his village and a few surrounding villages due to his difficulty in traveling.  In June, he received his RoughRider® and now collects 15 bags a week and provide for his wife, son and two daughters.  His RoughRider also…

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“I feel so much freedom, I love it!”

October 30, 2012

Meet Brian, one of Whirlwind Wheelchair’s first US customers.  Living in San Francisco, hear why Brian loves his RoughRider.

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