His RoughRider Allows Ironside To Go Anywhere

September 12, 2013


Actor Blair Underwood, Golden Globe Award NomineeWhirlwind Wheelchair’s RoughRider® will be used by actor Blair Underwood, Golden Globe Award nominee, in the pilot episode of NBC’s remake of IRONSIDE. The reboot is highly anticipated given the original’s success. The drama series is about a recently disabled homicide cop, Robert Ironside.  The show, now available to pre-screen on Hulu.com, is scheduled to air Wednesday, October 2nd at 10 pm, follows the wheelchair-riding detective as he leads a hand-picked team of “specialist” crime solvers.
Looking at the original Ironside wheelchair, it’s interesting to see how far wheelchair technology and style have progressed. Actor Blair Underwood, Golden Globe Award NomineeIronside’s new wheelchair, the RoughRider, is both stylish and active. The RoughRider’s rugged design and ability to go anywhere fits perfectly with Ironside’s determination to go where he has to go.

Checking out the shows’ Facebook page, we’re excited to see that the RoughRider’s sleek and sporty contours give both a bold and confident look to the rider; while its super-durable frame has even helped the show’s film crew use it for anchoring large cameras for close-up scenes.

Check out the RoughRider today!