Keep Your RoughRider® Well Maintained

February 22, 2013


We are in the midst of preparing a group of User Resource pages that should be up in a few weeks.  But in the meantime, to whet your appetite, we have posted below a maintenance schedule for your RoughRider to keep it in good shape for years to come. Detailed instructions on each of the topics below can be found in your User’s Manual (pages 29 – 54) or here.


Cushion – Check your cushion for cleanliness or breakdown on foam and structure.  Clean when needed. Check your skin condition daily (pg 31).

Tire Pressure – Check tire pressure (should be 50 P.S.I./3 ATM or what is listed on your tires) and add air as needed (pg 43).


Bearings – Lubricate bearings in the caster wheels, caster barrels, and rear wheels with a few drops of oil (90 or 140 weight gear oil is recommended, pg 34).

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Upholstery – Check for damage, wear and dirt. Clean or replace as necessary (pgs 37-38).

Every 2 Months

Wheel Locks – Adjust to correct position and lubricate moving parts. Tighten nuts (pg 39).

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Spokes – Inspect and tighten spokes to true wheels (pg 40).

Cleaning and routine inspection – Clean lubricate and inspect your Rough Rider for damage every 2-3 months if living in rough rural environments where you are riding in dirt rather than paved roads.  Otherwise 2-3 times a year (pgs 45-46).

Nuts and Bolts – Tighten nuts and bolts (pg 47).

1-3 times a Year

Pivot Points – Lubricate footrest pivot, folding stabilizer pivots, spoke threads, X-brace pivot, and pivot tube with oil (90 or 140 weight gear oil is recommended, pgs 41-42).