12 09, 2013

His RoughRider Allows Ironside To Go Anywhere

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Whirlwind Wheelchair’s RoughRider® will be used by actor Blair Underwood, Golden Globe Award nominee, in the pilot episode of NBC’s remake of IRONSIDE. The reboot is highly anticipated given the original’s success. The drama series is about a recently disabled homicide cop, Robert Ironside.  The show, now available to pre-screen on, is scheduled to

27 11, 2012

Join Whirlwind Wheelchair in GivingTuesday

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“Thank you to the donors. This wheelchair is much better than others.” - Endang Endang, a wife and mother of a four and half year old son and four month old daughter, was born with what is believed to be Spina Bifida, though never officially diagnosed.  A singer by trade, Endang, was a member of

6 11, 2012

Come Demo the RoughRider®

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Dennis Hein out at the park in Billings, MT  “I just love my RoughRider®, it is awesome outside and in. The chair was very easy to manage in the gravel and dirt, uphill and downhill too.” – Crystal Costa, Equestrian from CA ” I feel like I've gotten my life back, I don't have to