Children’s Chairs in Haiti

February 9, 2011

The need for children’s wheelchairs in Haiti is great.  Our contacts on the ground tell us that even with all the aid pouring in there’s very little for kids with disabilities. Vladimir, who meets Ralf, Whirlwind’s founder, in this video about our Haiti project in the summer of 2010, lost his mother and sustained a…

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Summer 2010 NewsNotes

June 1, 2010

  In this issue: Hope Again in Haiti Dominican Republic Project Computer Machined Jigs & Fixtures Clinton Global Initiative RESNA Leadership Award Ramping Up for New Products Download the 2010 News Notes here  .

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Haiti Project with The Walkabout Foundation

May 26, 2010

Transcription for this video:  Haiti Project with The Walkabout Foundation After the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010, many Haitians suffered severe injuries, while much of much of the country’s infrastructure laid destroyed. Whirlwind recognized that there was a urgent need for the RoughRider wheelchair, which is specifically designed for rough terrain. We offer our special…

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2009 Fall News Notes

September 8, 2009

In this issue: The Whirlwind Franchise Network Quality Certification Production in Mexico Download the 2009 Fall News Notes here  .

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Whirlwind Wheelchair International and the RoughRider

July 1, 2009

An introduction to Whirlwind Wheelchair International and our newest chair, the RoughRider, an all-terrain wheelchair built by and for riders in the developing world. Whirlwind is a non-profit wheelchair company that specializes in creating durable low cost wheelchair technology that gives riders the opportunity to explore more places and do more things.

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Wheels of Change by PBS Frontline/World

June 23, 2009

Transcription for this video: Wheels of Change by PBS Frontline_World Frontline covers Whirlwind Wheelchair’s poverty relief efforts in Vietnam and local partner who manufactures the RoughRider wheelchair. This video also covers the inspirational stories of Tong Geong and his friend Quan Dien; both are wheelchair riders who live in the busy city. Whirlwind is a…

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2008 Summer Newsnotes

June 1, 2008

In this issue: The Whirlwind Franchise Network A Training in Jordan Whirlwind Gets a Double Drum Tester Investing In Whirlwind Download the 2008 Summer Notes here .

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The Importance of User Choice for Cost-Effective Wheelchair Provision in Low Income Countries

August 10, 2007

by Marc Krizack, J.D., Executive Director Whirlwind Wheelchair International at San Francisco State University The limited success of free market mechanisms in wheelchair provision in low income countries requires a comprehensive, coordinated, and sustained intervention by governments, charities, and development agencies working in close collaboration with the organized movement of people with disabilities. To be effective, this effort…

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Whirlwind Wheelchair Project with CIR in Afghanistan

June 15, 2005

Whirlwind and the Center for International Rehabilitation conducted a six-day training workshop in Kabul, Afghanistan, in June 2005 that focused on skills such as wheelchair assembly and repair, fitting and user assessment. The goal of this project was to test a distribution strategy that combined central fabrication with local assembly, fitting and delivery. During the…

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Wheelchair Riders in Control

November 17, 2003

Wheelchair Riders in Control WWI’s Model of Technology Transfer by Peter Pfaelzer, Ph.D. and Marc Krizack, J.D. This article describes Whirlwind’s design methodology from its beginnings in 1980 until 2005, when Whirlwind focused on small shop manufacturing. Today we call this design methodology “User- Originated.” Although Whirlwind now designs for larger scale manufacturing with a significant…

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