2021 Annual Newsletter

January 12, 2022

Safety First, Second and Third Solar Power Tricycle Development Wheelchairs to Oglala Lakota Amputees Next Version of the Electric RoughRider Letter from a Grateful Recipient of the Frank Barham Memorial Fund Kellogg Racial Equity Challenge 2030 Dear Friends and Supporters, During 2021, Whirlwind returned to its roots of assisting small-scale RoughRider wheelchair factories, which we…

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One World: A Disability Inclusion Project

June 1, 2021
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Wheelchair cleaning during COVID-19

June 1, 2021

Wheelchair user, designer, and engineer Peter Axelson demonstrates how easy it can be to pick up a virus like COVID-19 from a wheelchair and shows how to properly clean a wheelchair.

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2019 Annual Newsletter

December 5, 2019

Letter from the Chairperson Responses from Recent RoughRider Recipients A RoughRider for an Indigenous Grandmother One World Project in Morocco Subsidized Wheelchairs from the Frank Barham Fund Whirlwind Goes Back To Our Roots With the holiday season approaching, we would like to thank all of you whose contributions have helped give hope and support to…

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2018 Annual Newsletter

November 30, 2018

In this issue: Four Wheelchair Designs International Wheelchair Stakeholder’s Meeting in India Advocating for New Wheelchair Procurement Policy in Morocco Rehabilitation In The Republic of Georgia The Frank Barham Memorial Fund Download the 2018 Newsletter here .

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Elder Makes Ancestral Trip to the Amazon in a RoughRider Wheelchair!

May 18, 2018
Ankur Wate and Don Cesareo | RoughRider in the Amazon Jungle

Whirlwind was contacted  last summer by Joshua Van Winkle about a wheelchair that could handle the rugged terrain of the Amazon jungle. He was planning an ancestral trip for three generations of families, including an elder gentleman that needed a wheelchair that was sturdy and reliable.  We recently received this thank you letter that touched our hearts.…

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Morocco Peace Wheels Project

May 12, 2018

After more than two years of extensive e orts, Whirlwind has managed to pull together the key partners for a major wheelchair project in Morocco. The project would support a social enterprise, called Peace Wheels that includes local wheelchair manufacture and assembly of imported RoughRiders® in conjunction with efforts to improve access to wheelchairs throughout…

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Congratulations to all the WINNERS of the RoughRider 2017 Best Video & Story Contest!

May 4, 2018
Eric-Logan | All-Terrain RoughRider Wheelchair | Jungle-Philippines

Read about the RoughRider rough-terrain Wheelchair that gets people off the pavement and out into the roads less traveled. Our riders write us from national parks, beaches and even the jungles of the Philippines! When our wheelchairs allow someone to gain a greater sense of independence and freedom, we know that we need to keep…

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Alejandro Menéndez Finds Independence and Freedom with his RoughRider Wheelchair

April 12, 2018
Alejandro Menendez

At Whirlwind we love hearing from people whose lives have been changed by the RoughRider wheelchairs we are able to provide for them. When our rugged-terrain wheelchairs allow someone to gain a greater sense of independence and freedom, we know that we need to keep working and pushing forward to help those in need. This…

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Emergency Alert: Swedish Government Cutting Personal Assistance Services

March 9, 2018

Emergency Alert: Swedish Government Cutting Personal Support and Service for People with Disabilities There is an emergency alert situation emerging in Sweden. The Swedish Government  is cutting personal and support services for people with disabilities. They have launched an investigation of the LSS, (The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for persons with certain functional…

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