Push to the Finish and Whirlwind help Joe to Go, Go, Go…

July 3, 2013


According to Joe Briskey’s mom, “Joe loves to go, go, go, constantly begging to go bowling, or fishing, or out to dinner.” With the help of Push to the Finish and Riverton High School’s fundraising efforts, Joe and four others received new wheels that allowed them go, go, go in the Strawberry Days 5K.  Each participating family selected their preferred mobility device. To go along with Joe’s active lifestyle, his family chose Whirlwind’s RoughRider®.  While Joe’s other chairs got stuck going over even small cracks in the sidewalk, the RoughRider allows him to navigate grass and some gravel enabling him to enjoy some of his favorite outdoor places.  Executive Director of Push to the Finish, Andrew McMahon says, “Joe must’ve said ‘I love it. I love it,’ five times that day when asked about his chair.”

Joe broke-in his new chair at the race on June 22.  While Joe has been in several races before, this was the first race of the season for Joe and by far his smoothest ride yet.  He finished in 27 minutes with the assistance of Andrea Foxx.

Way to go Joe! We look forward to hearing about more of your outdoor adventures!