Expanding the Whirlwind Team

April 19, 2012

2008 Kien Tuong-Matt IMG_0226

We have met some great people through our partnership with United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Wheels for Humanity in Jogja, Indonesia and our manufacturing partnership with PT Dharma in Jakarta. Recently, Indriyanto and Maria (at right) joined the Whirlwind team to help with engineering and sales. Indriyanto’s background in large-scale manufacturing adds a unique body of knowledge to Whirlwind’s technical team, whose experience is in small- to medium-scale shops. His expertise has already been a great help in delivering the quality we demand for our wheelchair users. Maria is helping Whirlwind find buyers in new markets and keeping orders on track.

Indriyanto and Maria (in picture of  the right) are setting up a UCP Kids chair during a wheelchair provision training by UCP.