Durability & Value: Understanding the Whirlwind Approach

July 18, 2011


What wheelchair is best? Can be determined differently by many people. Some riders request increased access to generally inaccessible areas. Others prefer comfort. Some require specific seating to better personal health. Many fall somewhere in between the three. In order to maximize one’s potential, regardless of physical ability, a wheelchair is most valuable when it gives the rider the ability to access their home and community and contribute through and occupation to their family and community at large.

At Whirlwind Wheelchair we make access a top priority while also providing a wheelchair that promotes health and well being for the rider. Without a durable and lasting chair, however, none of the above goals could be met. Our chairs are manufactured locally with the strongest steel of any wheelchair on the market. Every design is painfully tested to ensure that it will last riders between five and ten years without repairs. The upfront cost of a RoughRider may be higher than most, (averaging about $100 more) but others models tend to simply fall apart within 18 months of use. The longer lasting RoughRider provides a better cost per year of service and allows donors to reach more riders in need over a longer period of time. (insert graph here)

It is inevitable, however, despite advances in engineering that even the best designs will  eventually need tune ups. In developing countries it can often be extremely difficult to find someone capable repairing wheelchairs. To solve this, Whirlwind trains RoughRider to maintain small repairs as needed. Every basic repair on the RoughRider can be done with a screwdriver, two pliers, and one spoke key. Most parts can be found in a bicycle shop or at a local manufacturing center. RoughRider models make it cheapest and easiest for the rider to make affordable repairs.

As you decide what chair is best consider the durability and long lasting value of the RoughRider. This model will not break down easily, giving the rider the ability to access the world around them without hesitation or apprehension. RoughRider users will also be able to hold a steady job for many years with a dependable and reliable model.