Donate to Help Veterans

April 19, 2012


You can now make a donation and designate it for our VA Program. Whirlwind will make RoughRiders available to disabled veterans to test and provide valuable feedback through Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals around the country.   Donate Here

Your donation of $800 will cover the cost of one RoughRider® for a veteran and a second RoughRider for someone in the developing world who otherwise could not afford one. Whirlwind will work with VA hospitals to identify well-matched recipients. We expect that the RoughRider will be well received, leading to VA purchases. And, by providing greater access to off-pavement adventures where most conventional wheelchairs cannot go, the RoughRider will open up more opportunities for veterans.

Bob Incerti, Whirlwind's SF Operations Manager
Bob Incerti
Whirlwind’s SF Operations Manager

As Bob Incerti, a Vietnam vet and Whirlwind’s San Francisco Operations Manager, puts it, “Returning to civilian life from the military is challenging. Returning with fewer abilities than you went in with makes the challenge harder. Having the right equipment can help veterans meet that challenge.”

“There are many wheelchair options—light, agile chairs for smooth surfaces, special chairs for various sports—that allow amazing participation. I often explain the RoughRider by saying, if I were to walk down a dirt road to a cabin in the woods with a road bike in one hand and a mountain bike in the other, the person in the cabin wouldn’t have to know anything about bikes to know that the mountain bike was more suited to their area.”

“I think of the RoughRider as the mountain bike of wheelchairs, allowing folks to get further down the road, where the fishing gets good and the woods are quiet.”