Children’s Chairs in Haiti

February 9, 2011


The need for children’s wheelchairs in Haiti is great.  Our contacts on the ground tell us that even with all the aid pouring in there’s very little for kids with disabilities.

Vladimir, who meets Ralf, Whirlwind’s founder, in this video about our Haiti project in the summer of 2010, lost his mother and sustained a spinal cord injury in the earthquake. We encountered other kids who were injured in the earthquake, and others who have been struggling for years with disabilities like cerebral palsy and need additional postural support in their wheelchairs.

For the past year, Matt McCambridge, Whirlwind’s new Manager of Product Development, has been developing a unique, rugged, pediatric chair that meets postural support needs. We are devoted to developing high-quality low-cost chairs for kids so that they have a safe, reliable means of getting to school and play even in the roughest of conditions.

In the best of times, there are scant resources available for these kids. Your donation will help fund the final development, manufacture, shipment, and custom adjustment of 250 wheelchairs for kids like Vladimir and others who need our new supportive chair. Please join us in our project to change the lives of children in Haiti through your tax-deductible contribution.